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About Planet X Bikes

Founded in Sheffield, England over a quarter of a century ago, Planet X is still run by riders, for riders, offering class-leading products at an unbeatable price. We design and build Planet X, On-One and Titus products, and sell over 10,000 bicycle products worldwide, from the wonderful that you want, to the weird you never knew you needed. We've got a diverse selection of brands and a collection of vintage stock you will not find on any other website. 

We are incredibly passionate about bikes and we love riding, all our staff ride - from bottom to top and side-to-side. We've got roadies, triathletes, mountain-bikers, tourers, fixie riders and cross-racers, you don't have to ride to work here but we just seem to attract people who do. We try to put all that passion, experience and dedication into everything we do here at Planet X.


Our bikes are up to half the price of our high street equivalents because we work smarter. We have no high street rents to pay and as we buy direct we don't pay for distributor and brand mark-ups. We have grown by word of mouth and personal recommendation which mean we don't have big marketing budgets and sponsorship campaigns to pay for. This is how we do business - we are in control of the whole process from the drawing board to assembly and customer service guaranteed with an easy returns and warranty policy. When you buy from us, you're dealing directly with us, which means that we can take care of you right the way through the process.


Planet X is currently the second biggest bike assembler in the UK . All our bikes are designed by us, developed with our team riders, then manufactured by carefully selected factories and assembled right here in Sheffield. We're proud of our bikes and we take a great deal of care over every step in the process. 


Supporting riders at every level has always been part of Planet X. We have extensive northern road pedigree from the likes of Kevin Dawson, Wayne Randle, John Tanner and Mark Lovatt who dominated the UK road scene in the '90s. We sponsored top triathlete and X-Terra rider Julie Dibens for her successful defence of her World Championship. We've even got someone who works in our Customer Service team who beat a young Mark Cavendish in a sprint! Today we continue to support grass-roots racing; not for prestige or for exposure but because we love cycling and we want to put something back. 


The seeds of Planet X were founded by Dave Loughran over 25 years ago, mostly driven out of Dave's desire to get the brand new triathlon kit from America, subsidising his purchases by buying four of something and selling three to his mates. He gradually evolving, importing more tri products, and soon became the UK distributor for Powerbar which he grew to be their biggest export account, before parting from them when they sold the brand to Nestle.

Determined never to build a brand for anyone else, Dave started Planet X by making dirt jump bikes - the legendary "Jack Flash". Hooking up with mountain bike journalist Brant Richards (who he used to sell tri parts to when Brant was a Saturday boy age 16, in a bike shop) the two started a weird underground brand, they called "On-One" to sell steel singlespeed mountain bikes online only. Within a few months, it was clear that this online distribution method was the way forward and Planet X moved online, with a change of tack, back to Dave's original love of triathlon and road, and truly changed the market in the UK.

In 2005, after designing the world's first carbon fibre time trial bar, and seeking a manufacturer in Taiwan led us to our biggest carbon frame supplier which opened up the options for amazing performance bikes at unheard of pricing. We're still working with that factory today, and they're working with lots of other big, big manufacturers too. On-One grew, got gears and other materials too, with us offering carbon mountain bike frames at previously unheard of price points, but that wasn't the end. 

Today we're continuing to carve our own niche, with Dave back in the hot seat as CEO. Our aim is to offer top quality custom specced bikes, at unbelievable prices, built to order and delivered in days, along with the best value branded stock from all over the world.

If you've got any issues with your service with us, or want to give some feedback, please contact us.

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