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Buying a bike from Planet X is unlike most other bike shops. Every bike we sell can be customised to suit your needs - so if you need a longer stem or wider handlebars, or if you want to change the gear ratios, we'll be happy to do that for you. Your bike, your way.

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From full-on high-performance road racing bikes through to long-distance touring and sportive bikes, we have a road bike for you that will fit the bill. Carbon, steel, aluminium or titanium. The choice is yours.


Aimed at providing comfort and control over a variety of different routes, our mountain bikes are aimed at riding trails on the rougher side of spectrum. We offer wide tyres, suspension forks and wide range gearing, giving the rider the support and confidence to ride faster and further on technical terrain.


Providing a more relaxed style of geometry and wider tyres than a road bike, gravel bikes enable the rider to ride off-road in comfort and control while still being fast for road use. They’re also built stronger to withstand the impacts of riding off-road trails and use less gears for added simplicity.


While a Commuter road bike might sound like they are only good for riding to work and back the reality is these days they’re far more versatile than that. Sometimes called City bikes, Urban bikes or Hybrid bikes these ultra-versatile bikes are great for just about any type of road riding.

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What type of bike are you looking for?

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Geometry engineered to improve manoeuvrability and boost rider confidence, trail MTBs are just as capable at climbing as they are controlled during difficult descents.

Cross Country

Designed to excel over rough terrain they are durable yet lightweight and feature a frame geometry that offers a comfortable riding position for high speed performance both pedaling up and descending down trails.


Ready for your next thrill? If you’re looking for a durable off-road MTB that’s built to explore and will give you confidence on the trails, look no further.

Hardcore Hardtail

Tough enough to tackle steep, rock-strewn descents, our hardcore hardtails belong on challenging white-knuckle routes where they thrive.

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