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Hurricane - Titanium Road Endurance Disc Bike

Titanium's versatility as a frame building material is unmatched. Light and strong in equal measure it lends itself to durable, efficient road bikes of peerless quality, and that's what the Hurricane represents.

For the cycling perfectionist, we've created a whole new squadron of finely honed titanium frames, the Hurricane is the first disc brake equipped road bike in the line-up. Ready for adventures on the road the Hurricane is designed to eat up the miles in total confidence. With powerful disk brakes, it is supremely versatile and uniquely suited to epic bike rides whatever the time of year.

Built around a comfortable geometry the Hurricane doesn't trade outstanding comfort for performance. Frame tube profiles and butting have been finessed to maximise the comfort. If modern carbon bikes leave you cold, perhaps it's time to take a test flight on the Hurricane.


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