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London Road - The Do It All Super Commuter bike

The London Road bike is a Jack-of-all-trades, but not a cliché. It's a new take on functionality and a welcome break from convention. With a lightweight and tough alloy frame, it gives a responsive and reassuring ride. Designed to take wide tyres, mudguards and panniers, The London Road is a multi-purpose workhorse that's just as capable on the cyclocross circuit as it is on the road.

Intelligent slightly relaxed geometry makes the London Road easy to handle, which means it's ideal for the urban jungle and exploring muddy byways. Featuring disc brakes, you also get powerful and consistent braking far superior to conventional rim brakes. If you're new to discs, you'll be amazed at the lever modulation (feel) and sheer power in any weather conditions. The London Road covers many cycling disciplines and aces them all.

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