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Cycle To Work Schemes

We are one of the UK’s biggest supplier of cycle-to-work bikes, and we’re very happy to be continuing to supply bikes for people to cycle to work on.

However, to avoid any confusion, we can confirm we’ll no longer be supporting any “Cycle2Work” schemes involving “vouchers”. The only “vouchers” we’ll now accept are cheques, postal orders or bank notes - and of course you can pay online by credit card, paypal - and subject to approval, one of our finance packages.

“Cycle2Work” was introduced in 1999 to encourage people to ride to work. And during that time, we’ve supplied a huge quantity of high quality carbon bikes, time trial bikes, full suspension off-road bikes, track bikes, and other bikes, which we’re sure have given their owners great fun on their daily ride to work.

Sadly, due to the lead time of vouchers, the requirement surrounding quotes, the confusion about ownership, the effect (in some cases) of the salary sacrifice on pension entitlement and the swallowing of a significant percentage of the voucher value by the voucher company providing it, we terminated our dealings with any Cycle2Work schemes on Monday 30th July 2018*

The commission taken by the processing voucher company was the issue - we pride ourselves in taking a ruthless approach to margin and price control - we could not absorb the £100 or more that we had to pass over to them. We cut our margins to the bone, and move very fast with pricing to stay competitive, and it was impossible and impractical to build in a cycle2work margin for the small percentages of people wanting to take up the deal.

And so, it’s all over. We’ll process any vouchers in process with us, following our previous terms and conditions. We wish all Cycle2Work voucher providers all the very best, and we’ll continue to offer bikes for people to ride to work, to race, to have fun, to own themselves personally, in their own control, with their own money, without any confusion about ownership from their employers or anyone else.

Finance Options

We've teamed up with V12 Retail FInance to offer you a range of options for payment. We offer a 10 Month Interest-Free Option. We also offer an Interest Bearing Credit option - you can spread the cost over 12, 24 or 36 months. Both Subject to Terms and conditions and acceptance.

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