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What to wear for Summer riding

Summer's here (hopefully!), the Dauphine is over the Tour is just a few days away. There's no better time to get out on your bike; take a few days off work to take advantage of the long days before you go on your summer cycling holiday and let us help you fill those gaps in your summer wardrobe, saddle bag and bottle cage.

If you've been wrapping up warm all year so far and are looking for those must have, summer essentials to keep you cool on the bike then we have some unmissable products and offers to help you ride through the hottest days of the summer.



With the sun shining high in the sky, you need to do something to stop the top of your head from burning on those long rides. Your bike helmet will protect you from spills and thrills, but it also helps the sun to leave amazing patterns on your bonce, particularly if you're follicularly challenged. We have a huge range of cotton cycling caps to suit all size heads and they come in a huge range of your favourite trade team designs, as well as our own in-house brands.

When the sun's shining and there's not a breath of wind in the air you need all the help you can get to keep cool. Our Team Carnac and Team Cystic Fibrosis short sleeve jerseys are created with our amazing Carbon techno Mesh fabric that wicks away huge amounts of moisture due to its open woven structure. We think it's the best wicking fabric available for cycle clothing and that's why all our Pro-level kit uses it. If your tastes lie with simpler classic designs then look to our Panello and Primavera jerseys that blend sharp, subtle design with lightweight breathable fabrics that won't break the bank. Of course, we also have trade tops and classic retro jerseys that are ready for you to wear this weekend. And let's not forget our Union range of jerseys.


During the summer a comfortable pair of shorts are even more important than in winter. It's extra important that the fabric they are made from wicks away excess moisture and sweat if you're going to stay comfortable for the duration of a longer ride. Our summer bib shorts are made from extra lightweight fabrics that have amazing wicking ability. We use the same high-quality chamois inserts but pair them with different weights of lycra and top off the bibs with super porous lightweight meshes. Our Team Carnac bibs take this a step further, being made from our amazing Carbon Techno Mesh fabric that quickly wicks away all your sweat to keep you extra comfortable. Add in an asymmetric 13-panel cut, stacked open cell foam chamois inserts and wide gripper panel and you'll see why they are one of the best reviewed mid-priced shorts on the market. Don't forget our super lightweight Clubman Light shorts and Union designs.



Most of us wear full finger gloves 3 seasons of the year so when summer finally comes it's always a joy to move back to the freedom of fingerless mitts. Of course, we've usually lost last year's mitts, or left them rotting in the boot of the car over the winter- but what's not like about buying a new pair? We have literally hundreds of mitts for you to try, gel padded, no pads, terry snot wipe, with silicon sunglass wipers, magnetic or velcro wrist closure, synthetic palm, leather palm, suede palm and with open of closed backs. The choice is yours. Grab a pair to match your latest kit.

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