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Keeping your drivetrain clean is key if you want efficient pedalling and slick shifting. There's no way around it, you have to give your bike some regular love. We've designe a new cassette claw and gear brush specifically for keeping your drive train clean.

  • 2 Piece cassette cleaning kit
  • Works with all drivetrains
  • Tough stuff claw
  • Cleaning brush Full Description
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Jobsworth Cassette Brush And Claw Tool
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Grab your Jobsworth cassette Brush and Claw and get stuck into your back wheel. If you ride offroad you'll know that cassettes seem to pick up all kind of detritus, from long grass, to misplaced food wrappers to sheep poo and everything in between. Use the Gear Claw to extract the worst of the mess from inbetween your casette cog, then set to work brushing them clean with a bit of cleaner or degreaser and our Jobsworth Gear Brush. Once you're done enjoy the trouble free, silent and slick shifting you've just given yourself.

Always be sure to protect wheel bearings from degreaser and solvents when cleaning.

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