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SHOWTIME for PLANET X - One Stepping Beyond

SHOWTIME for PLANET X  - One Stepping Beyond

It's showtime for the UK triathlon scene and in tried n' tested Planet X northern monkey lazy arse style for yet another year we've failed to make it past Watford and are not exhibiting .Of course we've been somewhat preoccupied shifting ourselves and rather a lot of stock from sunny Donny to our new, and somewhat less health n' safety hazardous pad at Ignite, just by Magna in Rotherham .

Having said that, where there's a will there's a way, and we've rounded up a few Planet X partners and rallied the troops. So if you're going to the TCR show be sure to clock your weary eyes and have a chat at the following two stands, where there will be on show for the first time our two newest and hottest 2010 models .

Iain Hamilton and his One Step Beyond crew are on stand L3 - they'll be revealing the 2010 Planet X Exocet Bike - it's looking mightily blingtastic. Go check out the spec chosen by former National champion Ray Eden for his ultimate bike. The true old school connoisseurs will be able to caress the ultra rare Artisan handmade silk tubulars custom made for Planet X by Mr FMB himself Francois Boyaux whilst others will blown away the ceramic aero carbon 21st century buck rogers style Vision TT cranks - whatever you think be sure to take a look.

The One Step Beyond crew will also be on hand to showcase our two current hottest bikes - the "whilst stocks last offers" of the 1199 FULL Dura Ace 7800 SL Pro carbon and the 999 Full Ultegra SL Version - they're very, very hot and when they're gone they're gone. If you order online this weekend at the show there will a few FREE upgrade options available for Iain and the boys to twist your arm with , not to mention pretty decent advice from ex National team rider but now fat knacker Mr Hamilton himself.

Meanwhile over on the Snugg stand on B16 you'll find tucked in a corner Paul Donnelly from Active Vacances. We go back a long way with Paul and whilst he has chucked in the towel and left the northern grime for a more sedate lifestyle running his French retreat were not letting him get away that easily .

Starting as soon as we get our arses into gear , or at least when the new Nanocarbon bikes arrive we will be teaming up with Paul and putting on a full fleet of exotic Planet X and On-One bikes specced to the rafters with the absolute highest components, it will give you a unique chance to pitch SRAM red directly against Dura Ace 7900 - just book some time , leave the bike at home , hop on a plane with your shoes n pedals and away you go .

Anyway - on the Snugg stand Paul will be showing off the New Nanocarbon bike and it's a first chance for all but the closest of Planet X insiders to see what's coming very soon .

Planet X are showing off a their new blingtastic TT bike, the Exocet, and two of their hottest 2010 road bikes at this weekend's Triathlon, Cycling and Running Show at Sandown Park in Esher, Surrey. See the bikes at the One Step Beyond stand, (stand L3).

12 February 2010


  • AndyG

    WOW!! Saw the Exocet at the TCR at the weekend, i can only say that it is looking absolutely immense. Internally routed cabling, new wheel decals on the carbons, and the Xentis Cockpit!!!!!! Really looking forward to getting my hands on one to see if its as fast as it looks standing still!!

  • AndyB

    Jonathon, pics coming v.soon. Don't go anywhere else, saw it being loaded up yesterday and its better than wicked this one.

  • dave

    its rotherham your right about the name though , its not finalised , ian cammish came up with that name so we could blame him

  • Jonathon

    Pics please! won't be in Surrey due to me living in Sydney and all, so please post some shots to get the juices flowing! just about to buy something else but I will wait... btw got the Stealth for the track... just wicked and fast! Jonathon

  • Kevin

    Exocet? the french missile that sank the HMS Sheffield in the Falklands? didn't you guys just move to Sheffield? hmmm, not a good omen i'd say.......

  • Bueller

    U fellers ov,r there at X are supercalafragilistic of sorts

  • Boyd Roberts

    Who's going to be manning the show from Planet X?

  • Anonymous

    par fort course

  • martin

    Exocet. Me too. It's pictures of the frame I'm interested in. Have the cables disappeared inside the tubes!

  • Mick

    I came here looking for the Exocet too! Sounds like it should be good...wherever it is.

  • Paul

    And the Exocet details are?????????????????

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