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One World Record and Two New Bikes

We’re back! After serving our country in South East Germany, we return home triumphant! The Planet X adventure to the Roth Triathlon, was a complete success!
The exploits of our journey from Rotherham to Roth have been reported already, the drive was long, the weather was appalling and Google maps had a lot to answer for after a 2-hour detour and 50 euros in toll road fees.
There were three of us traveling from Planet X bikes, myself, Will and Charlotte, we arrived at our accommodation for the week, the house of performance coach Susanne Buckenlei in the early hours of Thursday morning, it was 05:30 when I looked at my watch for the last time and 07:30 when my alarm went off and we had to get up and head for the show to set up! 
Challenge Roth
When we arrived at the’Expo’ it was raining, hard, we found our pitch, set up and prepared for the 12:00 opening, we also got very wet in the process so spirits were a little low. 
Soaking wet after only two hours sleep the doors opened and people started to flow in. Shows are hard at the best of times but this felt like the world was ending, wet, tired and slowly dying inside our mood was somehow lifted by the interest and enthusiasm for our stand.
As the day continued, we stopped being at work and started enjoying ourselves and becoming part of everyone’s Roth story; it would literally take us an age to detail all the experiences we shared, as there were so many. A sense of family made the event unique and the 13 hour days went without being noticed…
We were always busy, the interest in the bikes and the products were phenomenal, everyone wanted a look at the EXO3 and the EC130-E and almost everyone wanted one of the new Kronus TT Helmets, we sold out with one day to go. 
Kronus TT Helmets
Despite the relentless interest we managed to find the time to help our new found friends with replacement wheels, using our English grit to pull tubs, change tyres and support anyone we could with help and advice.

Are You Kidding…?

On day one we were approached by an Ultra Distance Athelete called Lucy Ryan, she was having a problem – her bike had not arrived for the event and she was desperate to race. Lucy was returning to racing after donating a Kidney to an unknown recipient and was asking for help. 
Lending her a bike for a day somehow paled in significance in comparison to her sacrifice of donating a major body part forever so we agreed to help.

Lucy Ryan and the Exo3
Coincidently, we were approached by Canadian guy only hours later that had decided not to race, as he had been the recipient of a Kidney recently we instantly put two and two together and came up with five… The two were not connected but they did know each other!
Lucy came to see us everyday and raced on Sunday, after completing the bike leg she started the run, she became light headed and had to DNF but we were proud to have been a part of her story and have been able to give a bit of something back to someone with such generosity.

Cramps and Walking to the Last…!

Luke Dragsta is an accomplished Triathlete, he has completed an incredible 8:13 IronMan distance Triathlon at Roth whilst riding a Planet X Stealth, Luke also won the Challenge Roth Wonaka Triathlon in Southern New Zeeland. 
Luke is now 40, although you wouldn’t believe it to look at him so is not quite down in the eight-hour times but was hoping for a low nine.
After a great effort in the water and the ride Luke felt comfortable that a 9:15 would be possible until about 40km in to the run when things started to go horribly wrong with cramps and leg pains. After a massage and a slow run he finally made it and carried his daughter across the line.
Luke was riding the EXO3, his bike split was 4:57 and for the level Luke is riding he felt this was a brilliant time, he said the bike was ‘really fast, really stable and planted on the descents’, he also said the bike felt ‘effortless’, high praise indeed.

A New World Record

The race was amazing, we were kept up to date by the live stream on the Roth website so we had a good idea that Jan Frodeno was about to make history. We went down to the last 50 metres of the run to cheer him on as he crossed the line at 7:35:39! 
Not only did the world record get smashed but the British record also fell to Joe Skipper from Manchester Tri club, Joe has a great future in Triathlon if this is anything to go by.

Our New Family…!

The hard work and long days were punctuated with the kindness of our hosts and new friends; we ate lots and drank German beer in the evenings with some great people. The same people who helped us when we were too busy to help ourselves by bringing us Pizza and Erdinger alcohol free beer to keep us hydrated in the hot German sun.
Our New Family
 The week was a success, we will be back if I can help it!

21 July 2016

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