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World Masters / Sydney / Day 5

World Masters / Sydney / Day 5

Monday was a rest day and a made a visit to the world famous Bondi beach. Weather was still pants but improving everyday. Baby sat my host's (Warren and Mel) 1 year old son in the evening. So a nice chilled out evening.Up at 6am had breakfast, packed the car and headed for the track. Got to the track at about 7:30am.

Warmed up for the Scratch Heats. Chose to ride a 90.6 (47x14) for the heats. No point on over gearing when I just need to be in the top 12... as it turned out not everyone signed on so they reduced the qualifying to first 10.

I was in the 2nd Heat as about 8:40am. Heat was not to fast at the start so the gear chose was correct. Pace picked up and with 2 to go I took a flyer. Bunch got back on in the last 150m and I rolled in 6th. Safely into the final.Now the wait... final at 4pm...

11:30am I had lunch. Was starving by then. A hugh pasta.Still sitting around. Various scenarios running through my head. I decide to up the great. Was torn between 91.8 (51x15) or 92.6 (48x14). The final is gonna be fast and the temperature has risen making the track even faster. I went with 92.6.

Finally 4pm rolled round. Had been warming up for about 40min so was well ready. Little nervous but ready.10km, 40 laps. I sat in for the first 20 laps. Keeping near the front and out of trouble but also making sure I did not over extend myself. I notice that the South African, Mario Nel, had done a tur on the front in the first 4 laps and then "disappeared". I knew exactly what he was upto and later he'd play that card. He was sitting on the end of the string, hiding right at the back.Just after half distance and attack got away. Did not look too threatening but given the chance could be a decisive move. The bunch was not reacting so I dropped down and went after them... looking over my shoulder I found no one had come with me. I put a bit more effort in and got onto the break without killing myself. We were half a lap up and the field was starting to splinter. The 4 of us worked reasonably well tho 2 of them were soft tapping. With about 6 to go a few people got on and more followed and 2 laps later Marion Nel took a flyer. The break now 8 riders did not really chase him. I was not going to drag them there after the effort I had already put in. The sprint opened up and I managed 6th overall.I felt really good. Best I've felt all season. Unfortunately the move I was in did not succeed, that is the lottery of Scratch Racing.I'm happy with my ride. Was good racing. 3 months ago I would never have gone across to a break and if I had tried I'd have been blowing out my ar$e and got dropped in no time. So all good.So 2 thats 4ths and a 6th at the World Masters Games.

The Ginger Avenger says I'm still rubbish. He's probably right. ;-)A few days rest now before the Worlds kicks off on Monday 19 October. Time for some sight seeing.If you are interested in catching the action of the UCI World Masters Track Champs check out www.cyclingmasters.tvMore to come...Adam

17 October 2009


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