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Bella Italia

For those who have been keeping an eye on events recently you'll know that we've been stocking up on some quality Italian kit, and below are some typically dodgy photos of the result. We've dressed up three beautiful Guerciotti frames with full Campagnolo kit.

We think they look fantastic, but please let us know what you think in the comments.

This is just the first step, we'll be selling these on the site very soon. And for those who can't wait, come down to bike radar this weekend to see these little temptresses in their full glory.

The bikes will be available to buy on our site from next week, prices yet to be confirmed.

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8 July 2010


  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Steve - bit slow on the uptake? You're telling me! That was posted on 8 July 2010 ... over a year ago. It's been sold. Sorry :-( Take a look here for the current ones on offer though ...

  • steve

    Hi guy's bit slow on the uptake on this one, where is the black record (pictured above) so I can see spec and price etc?

  • marco

    I have the Guerciotti Alero, Nice bike.

  • Greg Andrews

    I love them all and congratulate Planet X in going all Italian with your bike build, not seen that often. My fav is the Simoni Replica and love to have one soon with the Campag Super Record gruppo.

  • Bill Sukhbir

    Outrageous pornography of the two-wheeled kind!

  • markl

    the italian coloured one looks awesome ! im at that delicate stage of negotiations!!!!!!

  • PeterJ

    Very cool bikes... Maybe one of these fine machines can find a happy home with me in Denmark :-)

  • TimS

    Just £999 for the classic black steel bike

  • DH

    Prices haven't been confirmed yet but they'll be on the site some time next week. Sign up to the newsletter to be one of the first to find out.

  • CallamS

    how much for the black one

  • TimH

    Lovin' the 2nd bike in Italy colours, looks fantastic. Flump bar tape is cool and makes me smile! I want one.....actually I want all three, I'd be happy just looking at them and keeping my superlight for riding duty.

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