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Guide to Shimano Pedals at Best Prices

Decent pedals are a guaranteed no brainer upgrade- reduce rotating mass, improve your connection with the transmission system, and look after your knees too. Shimano are the world leaders, and Planet X are proud to offer a massive range of road, MTB and commuting pedals all at the web's keenest prices. This short blog takes you through the features and benefits of some of our favourites, as well as giving general advice on the best type of pedals to choose. 

In many ways contact points are the most important parts of a bike to get right. Saddle, bars, and of course, pedals, are the key areas where your body makes a physical connection with your bike. Get it wrong, and your cycling experience will be inefficient, uncomfortable or even dangerous. Good quality pedals are a logical and affordable upgrade on many off the peg bikes, and Shimano are recognised as best in the business- but which type is best for you?

Shimano SL-Series Road Pedals:

Lightweight, road specific pedals that give the best possible performance on your road bike. These pedals are for use with dedicated road bike shoes with exposed cleats, maximising power transfer and all day comfort but making you walk like a penguin off the bike. 

The best choice for: Serious road riders
Our top choice: Shimano 105-SL 5700 Pedals:
Super lightweight, great looking and high performance road pedal available in black and silver.
RRP: £57.99 / Our Price: £37.99 / Save 30%... Buy Now!

Shimano A-Series Touring and Multi Purpose SPD Pedals:

All purpose, lightweight, well engineered pedals for a variety of applications including touring, commuting, road riding, cyclocross and light trail riding. These pedals often combine a clip-in SPD mechanism on one side with a concave stable platform pedal body on the other, so you can ride with cleats or normal shoes.

The best choice for: All round road, touring and leisure bikers.
Our top choice: 
Shimano A530 SPD Pedals:
Incredible price on these do it all double sided pedals with adjustable cleat tension and a well designed pedal platform.
RRP: £59.99 / Our Price: £29.99 / Save 50%... Buy Now!

Shimano M-Series MTB Specific SPD Pedals:

The world's best mountain bike pedals are available in standard SPD clip in units or trail specific large cage models which can be used with or without cleats. Highly durable, rock solid and more adjustable that many other leading brands, Shimano trully make the world's best MTB pedals.

The best choice for: Mountain bikers and anyone wanting a robust SPD pedal system.
Our top choice: 
Shimano XT M785 SPD Trail Pedals:
For off-road competition and perfect for cross country trail riding, the XT trail pedal is ideally suited to tackle single track and ultra-technical descents with control and confidence.

RRP: £79.99 / Our Price: £49.99 / Save 38%... Buy Now!

See the entire range of Shimano pedals here- all offering the web's best value-guaranteed!

22 March 2013

Shimano Pedals

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