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Inspired to ride?

Inspired to ride?

The Grand Départ is the one thing that's on everyone's lips at the moment. The biggest cycling event that Britain has ever seen, it has introduced cycling to more people than ever before. Amongst those of us who are already obsessed, it has reignited our passions. "It just made me want to ride my road bike" is the phrase going around our office at the moment - even amongst the mountain bikers!

The fact is road racing can seem like a bit of an arcane discipline at the best of times. Sitting down in front of the TV for several hours to watch a bike race that often does kick off until the last 5 kilometres is not something that easily appeals to many people. The tactics can be inpenetrable, lasting for weeks and involving dozens of athletes over different teams. But seeing the race in person gives you a real sense for the scale of the feat, the endurance and athletism of the competitors and the sheer excitement of it all. And even for enthusiasts like ourselves, it just makes it so much more real. It wasn't just tiny men with names we can't pronounce climbing ridiculous mountains thousands of miles away - it was real people only metres away riding on the same roads we commute to work on.

So with unprecidented numbers of people taking an interest in road cycling for the first time, coming back to it after a hiatus or moving from different disciplines, we thought we'd take the opportunity to present our full road range in all its glory. It's even more prescient with the recent return of the Nanolight, slotting back in between the RT57 and the N2A in its new semi-aero guise.

We start with the Kaffenback, a steel road bike designed to do it all: Commuting, touring, training, club rides. The RT58 Alloy follows, a great value choice for anyone coming to road riding for the first time with a comfortable frame geometry that's perfect for anyone who is put off by the low riding position of full-on racers. The Pro Carbon Sram Rival comes next, the first of our carbon road bikes and still available on the Cycle to Work scheme thanks to a £999.99 price tag.

Then we have the RT57 and RT58, two carbon road bikes offering improved performance over the Pro Carbon in different ways. The RT57 is stiffer with a more aggressive rider position for high speeds and efficient power transfer. The RT58 is designed with comfort in mind with vibration and impact dampening as well as the same more upright position as the RT58 Alloy. We'd advise the RT57 for anyone looking at racing and the RT58 for sportive and endurance event participants.

Two more carbon bikes follow, our top-of-the-line offerings. The Nanolight is a reincarnation of one of our most popular frames and you might be able to guess, low weight is the name of the game for this one. The new Nanolight has been updated with some aerodynamic touches so you'll go faster both up and downhill. The N2A is our thoroughbred racer: stiff, aggressive and even more aero, this is one for the aspiring Mark Cavendishes. Both of these high-end frames are given high-end Shimano Ultegra 11-speed groupsets and carbon wheels to match.

8 July 2014

TdF Planet X Range

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