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The Only Bad Press Is No Press

The Only Bad Press Is No Press

Reduced from 79.99 to 19.99

This is an example of the power of bad press, we bought these pieces last week from Holland for a stupidly low price and we are happy as always to pass our savings on.

We've tested them and so far so good, they are performing flawlessly on my weekly commute.

So just like Avid Merrion destroyed the career of Craaaaiiiig David and Gerald Ratner singlehandedly blundered his own company to oblivion. Bike radar justifiably or unjustifiably ended the product lifecycle of a rather nice set of panniers with a blisteringly bad review.

Either way they're now 19.99 and if they're really that bad then give them to someone you want to wind up at Xmas, or if they're actually a decent product then you’ve got yourself a bargain.

You simply can't lose with this deal - a super cheap Xmas present for someone who thinks you've spent 80 quid on them (unless they read this too in which case they will still appreciate the gesture), or a cracking pair of panniers at the best price ever.

4 December 2014

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