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RT-90 vs RT-80: Judgement Day

At Planet X we are always looking to go beyond, whether that's faster, lighter, stronger, stiffer, more efficient, easier to use, less expensive or even all of these rolled together. We are on a never-ending quest to improve performance in every way you can measure it. Over the past 18 months, the R&D department led by Jamie Burrow has been working extremely hard reshaping and fine-tuning our road bike range. They have worked over every bike in the range, improving the existing models while also introducing entirely new ones that redefine the upper limits of our performance bike range.

The new RT-90 and RT-80 frames and bikes sit at the top of the Planet X ultimate road bike tree. The RT-90 frameset is the result of our single-minded pursuit for the ultimate, ideal road bike. Nothing has been omitted in our ruthless quest for maximum pedalling efficiency, unsurpassed comfort and explosive cycling performance. It truly is the perfect race bike for every serious cyclist. Built by using the finest Toray T800 intermediate modulus carbon and reinforced with selected high modulus carbon elements for added stiffness and pedalling efficiency, this bike simply offers the perfect balance of low weight, lasting durability and race winning performance.

The RT-80 has been built to offer 95% of the RT-90 performance in a more comfortable package that is more suitable for longer days in the saddle. The RT-80 is built exclusively from T800 carbon fibre with additional elements that add extra vertical compliance into the rear triangle to help smooth out rough roads and keep you feeling fresh even after several hours on the road. The RT-80 shares the same frame geometry as the RT-90 so it's quick to respond to inputs at the handle bar while being incredibly stable at speed at the same time. If you want a comfortable mile eater on any road the RT-80 is highly reccommended.

We have worked incredibly hard on the RT-90 and RT-80 bikes. The R&D team have pulled out all the stops creating faster and lighter frames. Along the way they have developed new moulding techniques like the 'EPS Inside’ that minimises fibre wash during the moulding process. They have also created design touches such as our 'Max-Width BB Shell' that optimises the shape of all the tubes flowing into the BB shell. Both result in the stiffest and most efficient pedalling platform possible. The RT-90 and RT-80 are packed full of cutting edge technology to help you become a better and faster cyclist.

Both the RT-90 and RT-80 are available as complete bikes or framesets. Both are compatible with latest disc brake technology. The RT-80 Disc is already available, the RT-90 will be soon. No matter how you ride, these bikes will help you find the perfect match for your cycling aspirations. Check out the frame specification table below for more details.

Comparison Chart

Model  Intended Use  Frame Material  Weight, Frame/ Fork
RT-90  Road Racing  T800 + high modulus  900g / 360g
RT-80  Sportive / Recreational  Toray T800  960g / 390g
RT-80 Disc  Sportive / Recreational  Toray T800  1080g / 440g


Frameset weights are the actual measured weights of 50cm frames. Weights vary according to paint scheme on each bike, matt/unpainted frames may weigh up to 100g less than stated weights.

27 May 2015

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