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Clash of the Titans - Titanium fleet spreads its wings

The sleek simplicity of a titanium frame has always had the ability to turn heads and spark immediate interest from fellow cyclists. The titanium bike owner makes a statement when riding a bike built in this ‘precious’ metal named after the Titans of Greek mythology.

Planet X have been working with master frame builder Mark Reilly over the past year to develop a fleet of new hand built, British-designed titanium bikes. The first two new titanium models – the Spitfire and the Hurricane - landed in April and they were the first of a squadron of five models. The Spitfire is very much a modern race/sportive frame with compact geometry and the Hurricane, with disc brakes, is a sumptuous, light touring, Audax machine.

Just landed...

Newly arrived are the Meteor, Tempest and Typhoon and all three adopt the widespread move to disc brakes all available initially with the stunning Shimano Ultegra 6800 HDR group set. 

The Meteor is the disc brake evolution of our celebrated Spitfire road bike. Agile and surefooted Meteor instills confidence in every turn. If you are looking to join the move to high quality road disc bikes, the Meteor is for you.

The Tempest brings an amazing titanium offering to the expanding world of ‘ride-anywhere’ riding. With a slightly sloping top-tube, a relaxed riding position and mounts for mudguards and panniers, the Tempest really is ready for any adventure.

The Typhoon is ready for you to tear it up on those cyclocross laps. It’s a no-holds-barred cyclocross race machine that will also accommodate tyres up to 38mm for those bigger challenges. The Typhoon is as elegant as it gets in the rough and tumble world of ‘cross!


The Master builder

Mark Reilly has been frame building for almost 30 years and developed his skills whilst working alongside the late Ron Cooper. Mark established the highly respected Omega brand and for many years specialised in building titanium frames. 

Working in titanium is not straightforward and quality takes precedence over quantity with our Ti frame builders to produce frames that are both light and elegant. 

Over the decades Mark’s frames have won national and world championships although they’ve usually been badged up with a trade sponsor’s name. He’s also proud of building frames for British racing legend Sean Yates as well as time trial star Michael Hutchinson.


Reilly, Burrow and Planet X

Mark struck up a professional relationship with Planet X many years ago and he has built many other frames for the company and come in as consultant on projects working alongside Head of Design Jamie Burrow.

“I speak to Jamie pretty much every single day,” says Reilly about a working relationship which goes back a very long way.

“Mark was making me frames when I was, gosh, 14 or 15 years old. He made me quite a few back in the day,” former road pro cyclist Burrow chips into the conversation. 

The new bikes in the titanium frame range are being built using 3AL2.5V otherwise known as grade 9 in the engineering world.

“It’s the most widely used titanium grade for making bicycle frames as its relatively easy to work and draw into tubes and has excellent mechanical qualities,” says Mark Reilly.
“The 3AL2.5V description just means that it’s an alloy of 3% aluminium and 2.5% vanadium, a few other trace metals and the rest titanium itself. We’re using 3AL.2.V titanium for frame tubes as this yields brilliant ride qualities and has a very light density.”


Precious metal - lightweight and durable

It’s well documented that Titanium is also ideal for use in aircraft manufacture and that the continued development of aerospace-grade titanium contributed to it’s use in bike building. It’s remained popular as a frame material for cyclists because, as well as being lightweight, it has excellent durability and importantly is more forgiving than say carbon.

Riders looking for these qualities and who want to avoid the run-of-the-mill, mass production bikes will continue to be drawn to titanium bikes. Our fleet of five Mark Reilly-designed titanium bikes is now complete and ready for take-off!


New Planet X Titanium range

Planet X Meteor Ti Road Disc.

Planet X Typhoon Ti Cyclocross Disc.

Planet X Tempest Ti Adventure/Gravel Disc.

Planet X Spitfire Ti Road modern compact frame.

Planet X Hurricane Ti Audax Disc light tourer.



8 July 2016


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