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Just In The Latest Products At Planet X October 11th

Handsome Mountain Bike Components For The Keenest Riders.

Our El Guapo MTB component range includes a huge range of component and finishing kit to help you put the finishing touch to any mountain bike. Whether you travel to ride at the best trail centres, challenge yourself on Enduro style epics or even live for XC racing on the weekends there's an EL Guapo product for you. EL Guapo means 'the handsome one' and we work hard to sure that these components are as good-looking as they are functional. It's the gear we make for our own bikes so you can be sure it's up to the task and then some.

El Guapo Expander Sprocket, 40T or 42T

Everyone wishes that it was easier to pedal up the hills and the easiest way to achieve that is with a smaller chainring or a bigger cassette. If you are limited in your gear choice due to running a 10-speed set-up with limited chainring and cassette options then the new El Guapo Expander sprocket is the perfect solution. The El Guapo Expander lets you swap cassette sprockets to achieve an easier granny gear. Simply remove your cassette, slip the 40t or 42 expander ring behind your cassette and remove one smaller sprocket so you end up with 10 sprockets. (People usually remove the 15T or 17T sprocket. 

We also include a replacement 16T sprocket, you can use this to replace both the 15T and 17T sprockets on your cassette and this will give you a smoother gear ratio with smaller, more even steps between the sprockets. The El Guapo Expander Sprockets only work with 10-speed cassettes that have individual sprockets for the smallest rings. Don't forget to adjust your chain length to accommodate your new bigger ring.

Saloon 6061-T6 Aluminium Handlebar

Built for the rough stuff the new Saloon riser bar replaces our Ancho B bar. We've kept the same rise and added 20mm to the length, and we've updated the tubing for a touch more end-of-bar compliance and we've 'murdered it out' with stylish new black on black graphics.

The Saloon comes in 31.8mm and 35mm diameters so you can rock them with latest stem designs, including our short and stubby Bronco and the more XC focussed Stallion. With 25mm of rise, 9 degrees of back sweep and 6 degrees of upsweep the Saloon is perfect for tackling tough trails.

Rifle Low Riser 6061-T6 Handlebar

Built for speed the new Rifle Low Riser bar replaces our Ancho bar. We've dropped to 18mm of rise making it perfect for XC, fast trail centre trips and general trail riding, and we've updated the tubing for a touch more end-of-bar compliance and we've 'murdered it out' with stylish new black on black graphics. At a full 760mm length, the Rifle sits perfectly between sketchy XC mini bars and full on DH/ Freeride options. We think it's perfect for threading those fine fast lines through the trees.

Bronco Twin-Bolt Clamp Seatpost

The Bronco Seatpost comes in 27.2mm, 30.9mm and 31.6mm sizes, that should cover 99% of the mountain bikes out there. Made from extruded 60161-T6 with a forged clamp the Bronco is 315g of super toughness. With a dual micro adjust saddle clamp its quick to adjust and locks down rock solid. If you don't need a dropper post on your MTB why would you ride anything else?

Holster Brass Bushed Seatpost Clamp.

Fashions come and go, but for us one thing holds true season after season- you simply can not beat the functionality of a good seat post quick release, make it with a decent size lever, ensure that the cam runs on big brass bushings and sprinkle a little bit of graphic design on top and you're done. You can spend big bucks on fancy titanium or carbon fibre clamps that save a couple of grams, but when the chips are down and the mud has been flying none of them will even work as smoothly as the El Guapo Holster. it just doesn't get any better!

Outlaw 35mm and 45mm Stems.

You can spend all the time in the world on a CNC miller making a stem look fancy but you can't beat a forged stem for strength. Forging the metal aligns the grain structure, making it stronger, tougher, better. Available in 35mm and 45mm lengths the Outlaw short stems are where it's at for keeping the front end of your bike running fast. Pulling your bars back gives you a better centre of gravity on your bike and lets you tackle steeper sections with confidence. 

Stallion 50mm, 60mm, 70mm and 80mm Stems.

The El Guapo Stallion is the ongoing refinement of our original EL Guapo XC stems. As strong as you need it to be and as light as possible the Stallion barely troubles the scales, keeping the front end of your bike and unsprung mass to an absolute minimum. Ideally suited for XC and lighter trail riding the Stallion is all the stem you'll ever need.

Our brand new range of El Guapo components really hits the sweet spot where price and performance are concerned. They offer riders of all disciplines the chance to kit out their bikes for sensible money. Whether you're  a trail centre junky or an XC whippet there's something for everyone in the new EL Guapo Line-up.

11 October 2016

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