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Bootzipper - going back to our roots

It was Dave's idea. He doesn't like modern mountainbikes. He's not a fan of V brakes, and actually really like cantilevers and has never got on with disc brakes. 

He wanted a bike to "go back to his roots" - a proper simple mountainbike. And so him and brant designed one, and brant put disc brakes on it and 650B wheels with non boost because brant's a dick.

It's called the Bootzipper - its a rigid only 650B mountainbike. It'll come with a different fork, and it's brilliant. Because we say so.

We built it up with tan walls too. 

Model - On-One Bootzipper
Wheelsize - 650b x 2.1, non boost (fits our Road Plus wheelsets)
Frame material - DB 4130 Chromoly
ETA - Early Summer

15 March 2019