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Fiona Ford :: Going Long

Fiona Ford :: Going Long Well 6 weeks in and it's been pretty amazing... Since meeting with Spencer back in November still on a post-Worlds high, long course racing has become a focus for 2007. Moving on from the Olympic distance treadmill was a decision I was ready to make, a good time to change disciplines after the achievements of last year, although I'll probably miss racing regularly! It was great having the chance to spend some time with Spencer when he was in the UK recently on his travels, and his passion for the sport is as obvious as the charisma of a triathlon legend. It's obvious there isn't anything that he hasn't already thought through or done when it comes to training, and he's really intent on helping athletes achieve their potential. The team get together in Derbyshire was a bit of an eye opener and was a good introduction to some of the big names of the long course triathlon world. There was a lot of excitement among the athletes in anticipation of the coming year, which mirrors the way I am thinking about the challenges ahead. As for training the first weeks of the new regime, it's been a learning curve for me, and a departure from lactic land... So I'm getting my head around the type of training required for the long races ahead, rather than finding it too physically demanding just yet but it's all base training so far and an investment for when it ramps up soon enough. This is a unique opportunity and one I am very much looking forward to taking on over the next few months and seeing what sort of results can be achieved in May at Lisbon half IM and June at IM France. Yours Fiona

16 January 2007


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