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Hywel TTT report :: I thought I was tough but...

Hywel TTT report :: I thought I was tough but... Trying to go from Double Ironman and Ironman training to a full on hurt fest at the hands of Wayne Randle is a baptism of fire. There was me thinking I could cope with this TTT but lets cut the crap here, i was man enough to accept the place and despite having done a few training 10s this year, every session of mine this year has been 50 miles or above and done at Ironman steady and CONSTANT pace. Ray and Mark warned me that this was not going to be much fun so i had some small talk with Wayne in the car park. "Aye lad, why are you riding them $hit tubs? You want some dugast feckers like mine" My thoughts were with the rain and the up and coming Ironman Austria next weekend so i was on tufos. "I wouldn't want to puncture and let the team down" So off on the warm up and all hell breaks loose when me being TTT novice thinks its the done thing to drop on the right, but apparently its not and the done thing is to work your ass off on the front as a pace man for Wayne who then rides past you out of the saddle and you breathe out of a second arse to try and get back on the wheel. So much for this being fun then it decided to bucket down. Start countdown ends and Wayne AKA Chris Hoy, beats the gun, whereas my bike holder decides to push me into the timekeeper and I am anaerobic straight away trying to get back up to Wayne. Onto the DC and we hit 40 mph averaging 380 Watts for the first 10 mins and on every turn at the front i am trying flat out, yet the power doubles when trying to keep up with Wayne's Boonen style attacks fron 2nd wheel. I must have now had 3 arses to breathe out of. At the first turn, i am in total oxygen debt and can do no more than to hold the wheels of Mark and Wayne into the headwind. Back out for 2nd lap and my ergomo falls off...better now than at Austria, and lose an inch of distance on Mark's wheel...which becomes a 1200w sprint to get back on, then i can actually start doing some ineffective turns at the front. Last thing i mentioned to Wayne at the start was that i take about 20 miles to warm up, so on the 2nd home straight i start to feel pretty good and was lucky to be alive at this point. I contemplated a few goes on the front and tried to hurt myself now that the pace was a little more even. Then all of a sudden, i heard the loudest bang since Jez Cox slammed his wallet shut when asked to pay for a beer, Wayne's front tub popped. Race over but at least riding back with Mark was as smooth as TTT should be and actually enjoyed that bit. I learned some lessons: 1) Dont use $hit or bust tubs in a TTT 2) Ian Cammish needed to step up 3) Dont ever ride with Wayne Randle 4) Ironman training is no preparation for a TTT with 2 top roadies. So thanks for the experience and sorry that i did not have the legs to stay with the 18.30 10 mile pace... BTW Ian, we maxed out at 46mph and that was uphill with Wayne on the front

7 July 2008


  • Rofster

    H, that report scares the hell out of me, but a great read (also glad I'm using Tufo's)

  • to55er

    Nice report've got balls no doubt! Good luck in Austria.

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