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Hawaii - This is it!

Hawaii - This is it! After all the chaos at the transition yesterday I was glad to get back to the safe sanctuary of my condo. Although come how I recall that I ned manage to find Norman Stadler perched on a rock amongst the madness, so I popped over for a good luck handshake and giving him a "good luck" then wondering if I should retract that comment - that man just needs himself in fine form and no luck! Off 2 bed early, but not before I watche one episode of my favourite sitcom catn n kim, then, lights out....can't help but thinking that it's just the calm before the storm. Good nights sleep though - ready for the lava fields. UPDATE on PX athletes :- Reults I've found so far. Rene Gohler - Not known - had a reasonably strong bike leg, no news on his position after that Bek Keat - 18th Female 9:56:01 Loic Helin - 57th - 9:14:29 Jozsef Major - 42nd - 9:08:12 Wim De Doncker - 11:43:57

11 October 2008


  • dave

    Win Wane de Welde had a great race - top 100 and a 3-09 marathon .

  • brant

    So Chrissie couldn't have won without Planet X. Rocking.

  • milkywaye

    respect to bek keat for giving chrissie the co2 cannister. nice ambassador for PX

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