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Dragstrip and Ambrose Airstream tour continues

Dragstrip and Ambrose Airstream tour continues Back in June the Ginger Avenger drove the Airstream over to Germany for an event tour that Luke Dragstra was going on. Along the way he managed to pick up Paul Ambrose and get him back onboard with Planet X and it sounds like the two of them are having a right laugh while we are all back here working... Next year they are planning a european tour so god knows what will happen then? read their latest blog... Airstream Tour Schluchsee and beyond... We are into the second half of the Airstream tour. Six days after Roth the silver bullet was parked next to Schluchsee in the Black forest and poor dragstra was lined up to take one for the team. Like last year, he got out pretty good on the swim and came out in contention at the back of the main first group. The weather wasn't exactly optimal once again and dragstra was in a cold wet chaos on the bike and the legs were not feeling real snappy!! He was having a hard time out there on the bike and had the shivers and my usual Schluchsee breakaway wasn't going to happen. He came into T2 at the back of the main chase group and after a lethargic transition got off running. 'I had some turnover and rhythm but certainly not a lot of snap in the legs. Somehow I managed to run my way into the top 10,' - dragstra not a stellar result for and LBS cup race but considering the elements, it was not too shabby. Ambrose tried to shake off a week of little training and little sleep and a lot of.. hmmm fluid replacement and race the open event after all the league events were finished - THE INTERNATIONAL BLACK FOREST CUP!! He took it from gun to tape and won with a 6 minute lead.. just goes to show ya! Now it is time for a break. I am off in France following the French Irontour with airstream and a fine assortment of Planet X bikes in tow. We did manage to have a few minor (mis)advetures on the way but instead of telling a long story I will just to a short list and let you use your imagination.
  • Crashed a bridesmaid party Saturday night in Freiburg
  • Slept in the airstream in a bus parking lot and woke up with a crowd of elderly peaking the windows... they were loving the airstream!!
  • Had a bath in a river in Namur on the way up north.
  • Took a stroll through the carnival which happend to be pumping in the aforementioned town
  • Found a lovely Indian restaurant and followed up Ambroses vindaloo order and suffered... loved it but it was a true battle in the end.
  • Cooled off the pallet with some of Belgiums best refreshments in trippy bar that looked like it came straight out of boogie nights.
  • Made it to stage one of the Irontour all in one piece... Ambrose was looking bloody good and ready for action.
  • Talked my way into the expo area and got a VIP bracelet despite the fact that the headline sponsor was Scott and I was selling Planet X.
  • The white shark (ambrose) impresses the shorts off everyone with solid results despite imbibing large quatities of booze every night.
  • Ambrose and the Dragster escort teamate Mike Murphey out of the bar after not being able to handle keeping up with the big boys.
  • Ammbroses cops a heavy (3 stepper) sucker punch intended for Dragstra for hitting on twins with boyfreinds at the after party.

31 July 2009


  • benni

    livin the life ,,like dude like no way.....when you come back to england bring the sponkdonk ambrose and we can av a drinking session...[wish i wernt married wi kids and a mortgage]

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