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Susa WINS Norseman Extreme Triathlon 2009

Susa WINS Norseman Extreme Triathlon 2009 Susanne Buckenlei has just collected the top prize in extreme triathlon with an outstanding WIN in the Norseman Extreme Triathlon 2009. Susa, our Planet X Germany Team Captain and Co-Ordinator has spent 2009 preparing to tackle the epic battle against the elements, course and competitors and came out on top with a superb victory. The 229 participants from 23 nations jumped into the water from a car ferry early last Saturday morning at 0500 hours. They then swam 3.8 kilometres towards Eidfjord (Hardanger) before climbing out of the water and mounting thier bikes for an 112 miles of steel climbing across the Hardanger Mountain Plateau. At Austbygde they entered transition, pulled on the pumps and set out for a full marathon of 26 miles. The final leg went to the township of Rjukan before they started the steep climb toward the finishing point at Gaustatoppen 1883 Metres above Sea level. The total climb of the day was 5000 metres. The winner got a black T-shirt! Our Germany team co-ordinator and captian Susa was not the first women out of the water, but she rode her pink Planet X Stealth Pro Carbon bike like a true Planetxer and left everyone in no doubt that she was the strongest woman of this year’s Norseman. Susa just piled on the pain during the run to lay down another convincing performance that left her a clear winner. We will have a full report from Susa very soon. Great News and continues the strong performance of our PX women this year.

11 August 2009


  • susa

    yes.. i WILL be drunk for a week now while wearing 3 pairs of pink compression socks ;-)

  • Anonymous

    what no stoopid socks

  • benni

    susa.go baby you can be drunk for a week....