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Cammish back on the Stealth

Cammish back on the Stealth

After having to hand back his 'too hot to handle' proto-type Exocet, Ian Cammish is continuing to try to regain some of the same form on his Pro Carbon track bike and two year old Stealth.  After his two early season 50-minute 25s, Cammish was hoping to go on to better things as the season progressed but the on-set of old age and hankering for a bit of the better life (in the form of copious quantities of Cadbury's Dairy Milk and Smirnoff Blue) appears to have halted any further progress.

Cammish is said to be furious at suggestions that he may have once again veered off the rails. Having hit a particularly low spot 12 months ago, and with the prospect of a Cabinet post in the offering with HM Government, Cammish upped sticks and told the MoD, and whoever else was within ear-shot at the time, that he considered a future with Planet X had far more to offer in the terms of entertainment value that anything No 10 could hope to come up with ... although it must be said this is highly unlikely ever to be the case as HM Government has an extremely good track record of late.

Cammish's season is once again being punctuated by DNSs and DNFs ... which he puts down to 'having to fulfill his rehab obligations'. The latest 'results' include a DNF in the Shaftesbury 50 due to a broken saddle frame (XXXL lump of lard) and a dropped bottle (not a common event by any stretch of the imagination if his current drinking form is to be believed!). More recently, a DNS in the National 100 was put down to a 'particularly heavy workload on the day'...which comprised a brutally hard Tour de France stage in the Alps, the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and the football World Cup Final. A second place in the preceding day's East London Velo 10 which was held in scorching heat on the E2 course probably contributed to his 'no-show' although Cammish claimed that he had suffered far more serious bouts of dehydration as a result of the many drinking binges he has recently been taking part in.

(Photo...courtesy Dave Jones - photographer to the stars, also-rans, has-beens ... even Ian Cammish).
Cammish vows to return to his winning ways when he takes delivery of another Exocet.

13 July 2010


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