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Cammish wins 50 for 10th time

We're not sure how the 'silver fox' does it, but Mr Cammish seems to be riding into form in his Autumnal years rather than showing any signs of slowing down, he’s actually getting faster. Last weekends victory at the Finsbury Park CC 50 (his 10th) in 31-year period was his fastest to date a leg-melting 1:44:56. We’re starting to think his time at the MOD was spent on working on an experimental cycling project codenamed ‘project masher’.

When asked for his response to this performance Ian said the following:
“I couldn't really believe the statistics myself.  OK, so 10 wins in the same event over 31 years BUT to record my fastest ever time in the last one (even) I found quite remarkable.
Just goes to show then...the Exocet IS the fastest bike I've ever riden ... in the Finsbury Park 50 at least”- Ian Cammish 2011

Clare Ella Kindly sent us the following race report and Dave Jones took the photographs.

Above Report by Clare Ella.Finsbury Park CC's annual Memorial Trophy and Quaich Trophy 50 mile event on the F1 course, using two laps of the stretch of A1 between Buckden and Sandy, was, to use the vernacular of another sport - 'a game of two halves'!

The field of 78 riders included 75 men riding for the Memorial Trophy, which has graced Ian Cammish's trophy cabinet for more years than organiser Vince Freeley can remember. He was evidently winning the event with rides in the 1:40s well before the 'discs and tri-bars' generation came along. The event record though is held by Gethin Butler with a 1:42:05 from 1992.

Ian was once again scratch rider with his LTS of 1:40:28, with Dean Lubin (PCA ciclos Uno) Dave Kendall (Finsbury Park CC) David Johnson (VC10) Tony Stapleton (Chelmer CC) Colin Parkinson (South Western RC) Ross Clarke (Team MK) and Michael Broadwith (Shorter Rochford RT) also seeded on 0s.

Driving to the HQ it was obvious that there had been some very early starts for some of the organiser's team as there were an impressive number of eye-catching signs - in various formations - at the numerous slip roads and RAB approaches and exits.

The workmen had just managed to finish the resurfacing of the RABs at the tops of the on and off ramps of the A1 at Tempsford in time, so the puncture causing pot-holes at the RAB just after the start on the B1043 were a thing of the past - instead it was super smooth tarmac!

The early riders were commenting that it was a little chilly - but the tops of the trees were encouragingly motionless, and there were high hopes for a fast event.

There were a disappointing number of DNSs - about 20 - but even more disappointing for those who did start were the number of punctures. Whilst 'fast' tyres run well on the A1 the occasional pothole or flint/debris/ piece of glass, can result in a long walk back to the HQ. The resurfacing a couple of years ago got rid of some of the awful ruts on the course - but there are patches that have suffered over the winter and some of the pot-holes are returning

As the last riders set off, the southerly wind was beginning to increase. This meant that the Sandy to Buckden leg was made easier - but the return leg became harder than usual! By about 8.30, as the early starters were finished or finishing, and the later starters were on/starting their second lap, the wind got appreciably stronger. The relative ease of the 12 miles between 27 and 39 miles held a warning of what the last 12 miles would hold - which turned out to be an energy sapping slog into the wind, and then for the last few riders, rain.

Organiser Vince said that there were 'a pleasing number of PBs in the first half of the field' - maybe a lesson for those who ask for a late start in early morning events!! Whilst the traffic did increase a little as the event went on, there were certainly not very heavy volumes and only occasional bursts of 2-lane-traffic - mostly on the approach to the RABs - which actually slowed rather than assisted riders.

Ian Cammish's excellent winning ride shows what form he is in, especially after his 51 in the VTTA 25 on the E2 the previous afternoon. He rode away in the rain before he could provide a quote - but he had a lovely smile on his face! He was very smooth right from the off and passed a number of people (who had thought that they were going quite well!) with apparently effortless grace.

The Clarke brothers (Team MK) had their usual close-run results, with Luke's second place 1:48:59 beating his LTS by 4 seconds, and Ross's 1:50:24 giving him 6th place. Third place went to someone who has been absent from startsheets for a while, but who is obviously finding impressive form - Michael Broadwith (1:49:18). Chelmer CC's Tony Stapleton was only 20 seconds behind Michael, with Dean Lubin a further 25 seconds back in 5th.

Ian Cammish on Planet X ExocetClare Ella - who was the only 1 of the 3 ladies on the startsheet who rode - was pleased with her 2:03:13.

9th placed Paul Gamlin (Avon-Lea Treasure RC) was justifiably pleased with his time and position. His second year back into TTing, after over 10 years doing other things, is proving very successful.
John Golder was a little disappointed with his time compared with one or two other riders but with the day before's 25 in his legs, and all the running around he would have been doing as organiser of the VTTA 25, he still managed a very good 'training ride'
His Chelmer clubmate, Daniel Babbs, was pleased with his PB - mind you he had the incentive of having to get back home to help with the packing as he is moving house and was lucky to have been given a 'pass out' to ride this morning.
Andrew Halliday (Westerley CC) caused consternation at the result board with his 15 min 10 sec PB - but his previous best had been on a sporting course when he was nowhere as fit as he is now - and of course his sparkling Barbie pink Zipp stickers will have made a big difference too.

All of Vince's team did an excellent job - especially the pushers off, marshalls and timekeepers who did a sterling job in not the most pleasant of conditions. All the RABs were very well marshalled with helpful and encouraging comments to look forward to! All in all a very successful and enjoyable event - and I hope the sign collectors didn't get too wet.

"Ian Cammish continues to impress and this was his 10th victory in the Memorial 50 over a 31 year period (yes, gentle readers, that’s 31 years). Ian won in 1980 with 1:57:05 and his 1:44:56 this year was his fastest ever winning time. Wow!" - Vince Freeley (Event Organiser)

Ian Cammish on Planet X Exocet

1980I. CammishEdgware RC    1:57:05
1981I. CammishGS Strada1:49:25
1982I. CammishGS Strada1:45:14
1983I. CammishGS Strada1:47:41
1984I. CammishGS Strada1:46:13
2004I. CammishSonic Cycles1:47:05
2005I. CammishSonic Cycles1:47:20
2008I. CammishPlanet X1:45:40
2009I. CammishPlanet X1:47:03
2011I. CammishPlanet1:44:56

We can’t sell you Ian’s legs, but you can get buy the same bike as him, click here to order and Exocet. Mr Cammish rode the new Planet X Aero Tri-Spoke on Sunday too, read his thoughts on this incredible wheel here.

14 June 2011


  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Stephen - the lovely Clare does indeed ride a Planet X (nice blue too) Stealth. No pics but lots of hugs and love being passed around I can assure you ;-)

  • Stephen Nightingale

    3 pictures of Ian and none of Clare, yet she also rides a Planet-X. Bit disproportionate there.

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