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Harry's Olympic quest II the peru poo roll a day race

With  Olympic hopeful and Planet X's  (we can't afford the Brownlees) only pro triathlete  Dirty Harry Wiltshire  being forced to chase his Olympic dream by scrambling for qualifying points around the world , his latest racing trip to Peru hasn't quite gone to plan - read all about it a below nd  catch up with the latest from Harry (not as good as the Brownlees) Wiltshire as he reports back from sunny Peru .


"Hi Dave

Update on Harry's Olympic qualification points chase:

Peru I had been told is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

It's capital city is however a dump. One big traffic jam baking at 37 degrees on top of an open sewage system. I came expecting llamas,  pan pipes and ponchos, I left 72 hours later burned to the colour of a lobster  with a smell  of petrol fumes, and an image of pick pockets and prostitutes.


The race organiser had got a back hander from his hotel owning mate and so the race hotel was 2.5 hours from the race.

With such a long drive either side of the race mid day seemed like a sensible time for us to begin frying.


On a cost cutting mission I thought I was being clever booking a youth hostel across the road from the race hotel. The impeccable hygiene standards in Peruvian backpacker joints and my desire to get maximum value for  my 10 dollar per night meant I was using a roll of toilet paper per hour throughout the course of my stay. The only toilet was on the roof where the other guests were smoking copious amounts of ganga. I spent my toilet time contemplating how the court of arbitration for sport would view a defence of stomach upset for a passive smoking doping violation and what this image might do to sales of planet x's latest mountain bike

Thankfully the bus to the race had a toilet, less good news was that the bus driver had no idea where he was going and the windows didn't open.


I got around the race and even got up the climb ok being a little  lighter than usual and on the best bike.


Being in a break of 11  that let a group of 3 of the best runners close a gap of 2 minutes over 20km wasn't the most tactically astute decision, but in my defence my peruvian Youth hostel experience had left me more chilled out than usual.


The whole Olympic ranking points thing needs Carol Vordeman at the height of her countdown prowess to work it out.


I've simplified it down to "don't screw up in Equador next weekend or you'll be in trouble.


P.s On arrival in this beautiful City, some little tyke nicked my camera and money, so I haven't got any pictures or brought you back panpipes. Don't worry Harry we drew pictures 


I'll let you know how next week goes.



28 February 2012


  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Like the pictures!

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