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Teams and Riders

Teams and Riders

Time is running. I can´t believe that’s its just one more week to go until we head south to Fuerteventura again to start our first of 4 training camps. And as usual the time is running even faster in the camps, so training should get more and more serious now. My fixed goals are Swissman Xtreme Triathlon in Switzerland (22.6.2013) and Norseman Xtreme Triathlon (05.08.2013), I was able to win in 2009, 2010 and 2011, known as the Wolrd´s hardest longdistance. Can´t say if it is so, but sometimes it felt like it. But still: my favourite race.  Another race I signed up for is the Titan´s middle distance in Zagreb which seems to develope into a big race. Many big names (and me) signed up already. I will decided in may if I feel read to race and if it fits into my build up for Swissman!

Whats the goal at my main races?

After 3 wins at Norseman and a win at Celtman Xtreme I would lie if I say, I just want to do a good race. But to get the crown is getting harder every year and the competition at both races is tuff. But I want competition, its one of the things that motivate me to go out and train hard.

What I´m looking for?

First the Camps, because I love training in Fuerteventura – even the swimming. Then another one or two trips to the mountains to get ready, ready to race and then -  of course - the trips to the races themselves. We will do it again with our VW Bus, which is my favourite way of travelling and holiday. So... there is nothing to complain about in 2013.

As I´m looking forward to the camps, I can also look back at a gret time we had in this winter. One highlight was our trip to Padova, to get messured at Sarto for our custommade bikes. If you like bikes and biking, you just love it. Its amazing to see how a bike is made from first to last step. Now I´m very excited and can´t wait to see the result, and even more: to ride on it.

Also in position as a coach I´m quite happy at the moment because of lots of strong athletes swimming, biking and running out there. Looking forward to meet many of them at the races and support them to reach their goals. Love my sport and love my job. Happy Susa

11 January 2013

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