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Dave Haygarth writes...

Dave Haygarth writes...
Up, Down, Flying Around
This past few weeks have been the typical roller-coaster that befits me these days.  After the usual slightly flat feeling after the end of the 'cross season, I tried to set a few new targets for 2013.  New targets are a bit odd when you're 43.  I'm still a rage of competitive energy most of the time I get on the bike, so they definitely still centre about racing, but I've done all sorts of things over the years and its important not to get to bedded down and keep trying new things.  It's how we learn and grow. 
Time trialling

Well that was the shock to the system I fully expected to be honest. Ten years - almost to the day since my last time trial, and after pounding out the time trials week in week out in much of the 90s, I thought I'd give the Circuit of the Dales a go. It was tough.  I know it would be.  A real classic - more here on that... 

Finding out home truths
I got on the scales the day after the Circuit of the Dales - first time since September.  I'd been kidding myself that I wasobsessed about weight and that everything would be okay if I didn't weigh myself. In reality, and with the benefit of hindsight, I needed to. I was a fat mutha. 15lbs on in 6 months. Way over.  Reality check.

Being daft
One nice thing about being said fat mutha is I can still make bikes fun without actually riding them.  I did a couple of videos about the bikes (My Planet X N2A Spring Roll and a bit of fun with a Hairdryer and a Deep Section Wheel for April Fool's day.  The latter had over 5,000 hits and got shared round fast.  Nice smug grin. 
Playing to strengths
Snacking well and truly out of the window, and a lot of simply being hungry I lost 8lb in two weeks and decided a truly flat crit was what I needed. I love the Preston crits - my local weekly league.  You get a hammering because they're raced aggressively and the average speed is rarely under 26mph.  The Planet X N2A is great for that.  So solid.  1 hour tucked down in the drops ever so comfortably. It's way better training than I could ever make training be. I picked up a few points in my first race and sat pretty comfortably in the bunch.  It rained really hard for the last five miles and memories of my last crit there in really heavy rain and a dislocated shoulder in the finale came flooding back to me, but all was well and we all stayed upright.

Oh, the irony...
So then I took my children to the swimming pool last Saturday, and without the aid of a bike, managed to dislocate my shoulder.  You know - the one I was worried about in the fast bike race a few nights before.  Trip to hospital in the ambulance with the daughters (who coped very well)... and now the thought of a likely operation to stop this happening again.  Things on that will clarify in the next few days, but I spoke to a certain Brant from On One who has previous in the knackered shoulder department this morning to gauge how long recovery is, and how the timing of any op may be woven into the busy season and busy off-season of an ageing cyclocross lover.  Watch this space... my life's going to get a bit awkward. 

23 April 2013

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    You're not wired-up right..... but you do brandish a mean hairdryer!!

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