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Tri-ing on my Team GB trisuit

Qualifying for the World Age Group Triathlon champs now feels a little more real. I have paid the entry fee (a whopping £205!) and ordered my Team GB kit. The kit isn’t cheap either but I will wear it with pride – and until it is held together by threads. Fiona Russel reports...

There has been a lot of chat on the Facebook World Champs page about kit fit. The clothing is unisex only (read “men’s)” so women need to accept that they will be wearing men’s small or medium. I went for a small in the trisuit and track top. The trisuit is very neat fitting, but most people wear them tight. The track top looks, well, like a man’s small top and is not very female shapely but it will do.

Yesterday, I took the trisuit for a spin on my beautiful Planet X Stealth TT bike. You’ll see the pics of me posing afterwards! Riding the bike with my name emblazoned on my chest and arse seems a little over the top for a short training session on local roads but I need to know if the suit feels comfortable. It does. Pretty much.

And, if I’m honest, I had a big glow of “look at me” as I sped around my usual time trial loop. Yesterday’s brick session (bike to run) felt really good. Of course, this will be because of all the training and my super coach, but it might also be because I felt a surge of GB Team pride. I only expect to qualify for a world champs once in my life and at my age it feels amazing.

Next time I might wear the trisuit and track top to the supermarket! Let’s see if it eases the agony of food shopping.

To read more about Fiona, head over to her website:

5 August 2013

Planet X Triathlon Essentials

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