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CoLAuSus Tests out the Exocet 2

CoLAuSus Tests out the Exocet 2

Clas Bjorling, a Swedish ex-pro triathlete-turned coach and motocross rider (a bit of a legend in the Swedish Tri-scene) decided to add some triathlon training into his motocross regime and then got curious to see how he might go in a few small Tri-events.

He managed to split 1-1 with myself in two sprint races in July and August but told me he would have taken me on the second occasion had he been on my flashy Exocet 2.

I made a deal with him to use my Exocet 2 in an upcoming half distance as I had the weekend off, (Clas and myelf or almost identical in size and appearance - a lot of Swedes actually think we are brothers - I am probably a little better looking though :)) so he entered the Sala Triathlon up north in Sweden's heartland, and here is how he went:

"2nd Place at Sala Silverman ( half Ironman distance, but with 87K bike instead of 90K ) , VERY HAPPY !! Broke the old course record but it wasn't enough to win, but atleast I tried  Think I had 3.58 at the finish. Think I will continue to do motocross racing, seems to be great training even for triathlon :)"

Needless to say Clas loved the Exocet 2 and plans to do a little more racing next year (but will, of course keep the motocross going as it seems to be great triathlon training :))

Now I have to try and rip a decent half next weekend in Tjoern at the Swedish champs so I can stay in Clas's league.  I am sure we'll have a few chances next year to continue our Dual, hopefully both of us on Exocet's!

Clas on the Exocet 2:

- Luke Dragstra

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26 August 2013


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