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Great Results for On-One at UKGE 2014 Round 1!

This weekend saw the start of the 2014 UK Gravity Enduro season at the Forest of Ae in South-West Scotland. Our newly formed On-One Enduro team has been training hard all winter and were eager for their first official competition. Kitted out on the newly-released On-One Codeine which the team has been testing throughly the product development process, the guys hit the ground running (both figuratively and literally!) and got some great results:

Rachael Gurney3rdWomen
Craig Evans10thElite Men
Freddie Oxley23rdElite Men
Kyle Dunn20thSenior Men
James CrosslandDNFSenior


Here's the story!

UK Gravity Enduro Round One - 14th April - Forest of Ae, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

This was the first proper Enduro event for most of the team, with the lads more used to standard Downhill racing. Rachael has done well in mini-enduro events in the past and had a better idea of what was ahead. With that in mind, the guys set off from Planet X HQ in a van full of bikes on Friday morning in order to arrive in good time to practice and prepare on Saturday morning. They had time to practice all but one of the 6 stages on Saturday morning, getting some valuable time on the bikes before the seeding race in the afternoon. The weather was a good indication was what was to come: rain, rain and more rain. Kyle said that they only had five minutes of sun all weekend! The trails were only going to get slippier and muddier as the weekend went on and the comprehensive practice session was essential.

Seeding was a mixed bag for the team, with Kyle and James getting held up by slower riders ahead and Craig suffering a mechanical. Rachael had a great ride and seeded in seventh place. The team retired to the campsite to relax before the race started proper on Sunday. Our head of Events and Promotions, Paul, was on hand with a home-cooked meal and some cold beers after manning the On-One gazebo all day. Reports say that Paul enjoyed the beers a little too much but our riders were sensible and got an early night reader to race the next day.

Steve Parr and UK Gravity Enduro did a great job and the race was well-designed and well-organised. Every stage had something different to offer: technical sections, flowy sections, jumps and pedalling (too much pedalling, according to James!). The stages were run to a tight schedule and every rider had to be at the right place at the right time, making that they measure their efforts correctly when cycling between the five stages.

James felt a bit tired and apprehensive on the start line, but got into the swing of things once on the bike. An unfortunate mechanical in Stage 1 lost him a fair bit of time, but he got running again and posted a good time in Stage 2 after a big push. Stage 3 saw a big crash for James which forced him out of the race with concussion and a dislocated shoulder. James has dislocated his shoulder a worrying number of times now - "too many to count", he says. He's likely to need surgery once the season is over but thankfully he's back on the bike for the time being. Crashes followed for Freddie and Craig in Stage 4 and Kyle managed to hold off until right on the finish line in Stage 5 before joining them in the mud. These crashes were much less severe and the three others all got back on their bikes to post good times.

Kyle came in 20th in the Senior race while Freddie and Craig got 23rd and 10th respectively in the Elite category. Rachael was the star of the day for the On-One team with a fantastic 3rd place behind Claire Bennett and Nicole Mallet. All in, it was a great day for the On-One team and for the new On-One Codeine. All riders were really happy with the bike and it got a great response from fellow competitors and spectators as well. Now the riders are looking forward to the next race and are feeling confident now their debut has been made. The weekend was learning curve for them all, and the differences to Downhill races were made clear. The guys are working on riding more consistently over longer distances rather than blasting as fast as possible like they do in Downhill. The descents around Sheffield tend to be short and steep and the guys are looking to spend some time on longer descents from further afield.

The next race at Innerliethen in the Scottish Borders on the 24th and 25th of May and is set to be a bit more Downhill-esque, which the lads are pleased about. Given how brilliantly they did in their first ever event, everyone here at Planet X has high hopes for them. If this weekend is anything to go by, Innerliethen will be a blast so we'll see you there!

Rachael Gurney on the podium

15 April 2014

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