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The End of the Season

For most, the cyclocross season is just getting into its swing. The first big Euro race kicked off last weekend with the Superprestige in Gieten, the British National Trophy series starts in Shrewsbury on Sunday... it's all set for another great season of mud, sweat and ... erm.. writer-clichés.

Except, for me, it's all done now. I'm celebrating the end of the season early. A long term shoulder injury that put me out of last season came back in April to disturb me yet again. I focused all my effort on getting a ride in the 3 Peaks Cyclocross under my belt again after feeling bitterly disappointed at missing the 2013 event. I ticked that box as you can read here on my personal blog, and rode a couple of my regional league races, finishing 2nd and 4th in my age category at Bolton and Manchester. I've been really pleased to get back to racing after more than a year off, and yes, all the training is worth it for just two chippers and the 'peaks... but it does seem a shame to feel so fit and have nowhere to go, now.

I had my pre-op yesterday and the operation is just a few days away. The turbo is primed and I have my home-made washable turbo sling ready. Hoping for a proper fix in this session of surgery from Wrightington Hospital - it's the country's centre of excellence for shoulders, apparently - where they sent Cav when he crashed out of the Tour de France, so maybe I'll come out of it a sprinter... who knows?

Photo: Andy Jones / Cycling Weekly

8 October 2014


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