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The All-New Mass Transit e-Bike

Introducing the all-new Mass Transit e-Bike: 


Leave the car at home. You don’t need it…Not now you have the Planet X Mass Transit eCargo bike. Our new Multifunctional and powerful alternative to driving is going to give you the versatility and freedom of riding your bike, whilst getting all those things you need to get done and do them well.


The Mass Transit is fast and powerful and has a huge travel range – if it’s charged fully, you don’t need to worry about running out of full steam on short trips. There’s also no need to avoid hills – the Mass Transit will get up easily, even fully laden.








With several interchangeable features to help make life easier the Mass Transit can serve multiple purposes; think delivery bike in the morning, taxi for the school run in the afternoon. With built-in mudguards over reliable fat tyres, you can rest assured it won’t be a messy ride, and the double-sided kickstand provides you with core stability when loading and unloading.


Whether you're taking the little ones to school, doing the big shop or even delivering some precious goods, you can rely on the Mass transit to get you there safely


It’s not just a bike; it’s a lifestyle choice.




Build Kit


  • CST Big Boat Tan Wall 24x3.0 
  • Shimano Cues 9 Speed Groupset
  • Ananda M100 48V 250W ,110NM torque
  • Down Tube 48V 500Wh & Seat Tube 48V 500Wh
  • Shimano MT501 Brake set




Tailored for the urban dweller and daily commuter, this sleek and versatile gear is ideal for professionals navigating work meetings in the city. Offering swift, reliable, and stylish mobility, it's perfect for individuals seeking seamless integration into fast-paced urban living. Designed with the modern lifestyle in mind, it's the ideal choice for those who appreciate the blend of efficiency and elegance in their daily adventures, effortlessly combining functionality with flair.  

Available to pre-order now!

Ride away from: 25/04/2024