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TT2 (tina Tormentor 2)

It looks great and goes fast with ease, makes the run leg feel easier on a triathlon.

TT2 (tina Tormentor 2)


  • Ian Woodward, 34
  • Hobbies:
    triathlons, fly fishing
  • Location:
    United Kingdom
  • Job:
    fire fighter
  • Model:
    Stealth Pro Carbon TT


  • IanW

    damn, you dont wanna sponsor me type thing with some new whhels and forks!!!! lol only had the q ring on for a couple of rides as got it late in the year and still had triathlons to do, and the bumph they give says 300miles or about 5 weeks of riding to get used to it. first impression on easy rides out were, i usually ride a 53 front and middle cog at the back on a 12-25, and grind!! usually about75-80rpm, which i think equates to 22.5 mph ish i think. using a 53t q ring and same cog at back i seem to be able to spin up higher without noticing it being any harder at all, so higher rpm means more speed in same gear. still getting brain and muscles used to it

  • IanC (Planet X Team)

    Nice bike! Wheels here... Forks here... ;-) ;-) Does the Q ring work? Interested to know please?

  • IanW

    Different wheels for different courses!! Planet x I'd love a set of 50mm ones for it wink wink or matching white forks lol 105 groupset brand new aero rotor q ring on now vision integrated (only) alu bars

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