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Das Weisse

Amazingly fast, stiff and manoeuvrable. Excellent for all disciplines on the track. A superb bike.Update: A world class bike ;-)

Das Weisse


  • Michael Blasczyk
  • Model:
    Pro Carbon Track


  • Splatt

    Could you please provide a few more geometry measurements such as your inside leg and if possible how far beyond the front axle the round (most forward point) of your bars projects. I am also 5'10" with a 32" inside leg and am unsure whether to go S or M. Road bike currently has 55cm c-c effective toptube! BTW what is the setback of the nose of your saddle behind the BB? Thanks heaps.

  • connorb

    hi would you reckon the fizik arione red saddle would look ok on it?

  • MichaelB

    I am 5'10" and the size of the frame is S. The geometry suits me perfect...

  • Probojati

    What size of your bike?? and how tall are you??

  • JackG

    Thanks. Im on it!

  • MichaelB

    First I roughed the coat with 600er sandpaper. Then I applied white acrylic paint with a roller. For better results, I would recommend two-component paint. I'll do it again with pearly white to match the color of the frame better. Another option would be white adhesive foil. This is the easiest way to a white seatpost

  • Jack Gregorie

    How did you make your seat post white? I have the same frame in white and I like the look of the white seat post. Thanks

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