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Zastrugi Bikepacking Tent

Bikepacking combines the freedom of exploring amazing outdoor spaces on two wheels, with the added benefit of spending an evening or more under the stars. It involves setting off on multi-day, multi-week or even multi-year cycling adventures, carrying everything you need with you on the bike.

Using specifically designed bags made to fit the various mounting points around a bike, the idea is to pack as efficiently and as lightweight as possible, whilst ensuring you can be self sufficient during your adventure.

We stock a fantastic range of bikepacking equipment including Bikepacking Bags, Tents and Sleeping Systems from top brands such as PODSACS and ZASTRUGI offering you a multitude of functional solutions, to ensure your adventure is a truly epic experience!

PLANET X is also home to some of the best adventure and bikepacking bikes from expert off-road bike brands ON-ONE and TITUS.

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Bikepacking Guides
What is Bikepacking? How do I go Bikepacking? What bike do I use for Bikepacking? Visit The PLANET X Bikepacking Guides section to find useful tips and information on how to plan a Bikepacking trip yourself.
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What is Bikepacking?

What is Bikepacking?

Bikepacking in essence is the combination of backpacking and bicycle riding. In this article we explore this growing cycling activity and look at how to get started with bikepacking yourself.

How to go Bikepacking

How to go Bikepacking

When it comes to planning your next bikepacking adventure setup, the options are vast. In this article we will try and help you find a starting point to begin planning your setup from.

How to Plan a Bikepacking Route

How to Plan a Bikepacking Route

Finding out how to plan a bikepacking route best is often something you develop over many successful (and failed) adventures. This said there are certain things you can do straight away to make a route more enjoyable. Lets take a look at some of the points that lead to great bikepacking routes.

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